Monday, March 17, 2008

3/17 The Big Day

Sitting in the car, all of us, Mama, Papa, G, Ivy and cat, puling away from the old apartment, saying thank you and good bye to our home.

Managing to get the kids, the stroller, six carry-on bags (2 per person,) all four of our shoes and coats through the security check in… especially since I learned I had to take the cat out of her carrier, take her through the metal detector, and put her back in the carrier on the other side…since it took me half and hour to get her in the carrier in the first place. And our plane was getting ready to take off. Someone actually told me she was very impressed with the way I managed the whole endeavor. Go mama.

Racing to the gate to find out our plane was late, so we didn’t miss it after all. Even though we were never allowed onto the plane when it did show, because the cat carrier didn’t fit under the seats and they didn’t have a carrier handy that they could let us use.

Then, two hours later, as our second plane was near to closing the doors with us still not having a carrier, the woman who kicked us off the first plane came RUNNING down the hall with the appropriate cat carrier, and we all managed to situate ourselves in time for the plane to take off with us inside of it.

Showing G the way we were flying ABOVE the clouds. He liked flying.

Having Ivy and G fall asleep on the plane (although we had to wake them up when we transfered in Atlanta, that’s right, our direct flight became a transfer.)

How much the kids loved the m&ms in the snack mix I made (cheerios, goldfish, raisins, and m&ms)

Taking out the little 50 cent magnadoodles and Ivy and G spending the last leg of our journey drawing.

Landing in St. Pete and steering the stroller through an almost empty airport (it was past midnight although we were originally supposed to arrive at 8pm) to go get our luggage, and knowing the journey was almost over.

Seeing my mom drive up to the luggage area and getting to hug her.

Then seeing my step father in the other car, which would allow us to carry all the luggage with out hassle or (anymore heart ache [even though the airline lost one of our bags {with my porfolio in it!}])

The smell of Florida air. It smells like green growing things, even outside the airport.

Pulling up to my uncle’s house and getting the bags all inside.

Seeing my Uncle again.

Having S get along with everyone he’s never met before.

Seeing G and Ivy’s room. They were so happy. My mom had it set up with a toddler bed and travel crib and an heirloom child’s desk that my uncles used and books and toys. So nice.

Falling asleep in the nice soft bed. It used to be my Grandpa’s bed, and it was so comfortable.

Knowing that the whole miserable day was over and done with, even though I still had to wait for my back and I was so tired and my fingers were bruised and cut from packing and my stomach hurt and I was so tired I couldn’t speak.