Wednesday, July 16, 2008

7/16 The Day Before the (da dum dum) Road Trip

SYTYCD. Wee hee. Me loves the dancing kids.

Dancing with the kids. We held eachother’s hands and danced around in a circle.

Realizing that, although I am dreading the roadtrip tomorrow at 4 AM!!! I am still going to the mountains, to a place I have never been. That’s nice and fun.

Frosted mini wheats.

Monday, July 14, 2008

7/14 The Day of Apple Cheeks and Crosswords

When I was surrounded by my kids… they’re small and there are only two of them, but they were so present that they definitely had me surrounded. Hugs all around. Big grins.

When I put them to nap a half hour early and they actually went to bed and I was able to shower and get my equilibrium back.

Reading a magazine this morning instead of turning on the computer.

Balloons with the kids. Oh, balloons make kids very very happy.

When Ivy went right back down when I went in to put G back in his bed. She didn’t fuss or cry or expect to be let out to run around.

Not happy exactly, but the perfect set of teeth marks left on Ivy’s cheek after g bit her. It wasn’t that bad, but I marveled at the little white marks in her tear streaked cheek. I definitely knew why she was crying, though. And G did not dispute the time out, for sure.

Starting my collage for my project. I’m using old crosswords that S did. I worked on that while I was watching Youtube videos of a girl who does these little art project tutorials.

7/13 The Day of Ways to Be Creative, One Hundred and More

I’m really digging watching Children of Men. I’ve seen it before, but I didn’t realize how well made it was. And I loves me some post apocalyptic fiction.

Kids. Oh they get older. Ivy always runs to give G his milk, and then comes back to get her own. G comes over to see what’s wrong if Ivy is crying.

And they are still little and they want their mommy. They climb all over me and are cuddle bunnies.

Making my list of 100 ways to be creative, and then having more ideas. There are so many ways to live a creative life, you just have to do it.