Saturday, July 18, 2009

1 to 50 Joyous Things

1. Ivy’s chubby hand holding mine.
2. The way G always runs to me to tell me the story of the latest thing he’s seen or learned.
3. A nice cold glass of water.
4. Reconnecting with an old friend across miles and year, through the internet.
5. Dreaming of good things in a new home.
6. Laying down in a nice air conditioned room after a day spent in the heat and humidity.
7. Making a dinner from scratch that tastes delicious.
8. The sun glowing through a corona of strawberry blond curls.
9. Ivy starting to draw people.
10. G starting to draw elaborate plots and dreams and stories.
11. Singing songs at bedtime.
12. Making up songs at bedtime.
13. Playing our new game of “wiggle wiggle” where I tell them to do something and they do it.
14. Figuring out a game that has them clean up their room without protest. (make it a race and see who can put 10/20 things away first.)
15. Learning numbers and letters all day long, as part of the day.
16. Finding myself in an etsy treasury.
17. Curating my own etsy treasury.
18. Reading a book that sweeps me away.
19. So You Think You Can Dance.
20. So You Think You Can Dance (second night)
21. Talking about So You Think You Can Dance.
22. Painting a new painting that really hits home.
23. Meeting new people via the internet who will be in the neighborhood of my new home.
24. Good conversations with S.
25. Good “conversations” with S.
26. Cuddles with the kids in the morning before they start yelling and/or fighting.
27. Every body going to sleep at bedtime without drama or escapes.
28. Long afternoon naps… them, not me. Ah silence.
29. The rain.
30. Figuring out technology.
31. Building a blanket fort in the living room.
32. Clouds and the shade they bring.
33. Lotus flowers in the fish pond.
34. Bare feet on warm wood floors.
35. Kids playing in the rain.
36. Tank tops.
37. When the mail comes and there’s a package/letter for me.
38. That the kids seem to love creativity, reading, singing, drawing, stories…. just by virtue of seeing me take part in those things.
39. Helping people.
40. New notebooks.
41. New art supplies.
42. Ivy with her dolls.
43. Gabriel making sets/scenes with his animals and figurines.
44. “Arr, I be a baby pirate!”
45. Tang.
46. Fruit off of the trees; grapefruit, key limes, carambola, lychee nuts.
47. coffee
48. That other people are getting something out of my 100 paintings in 100 Days.
49. Having a breakthrough and catching up in my 100 in 100 creative challenge.
50. The number 50 and being half way done!