Saturday, July 26, 2008

7/26 The Day of Getting Back to the Happy List

Gosh I spent some time over on the lists, and I foolishly marked this goal as accomplished, which it is, although I am not done.

So I had to mark it as doing again. How weird. Man, I think they kicked me off the front page. Oh well. So after putting this goal off for a while because of all the catching up I have to do, I’m just going to start again.

Iced coffee with coffee icecream. Yum

Google reader. So much easier to keep track of my favorite blogs.

Oreos with peanut butter. Why did I never discover this before? Just dip and crunch. Yum.

G’s golden curls. I do not know where they come from. It’s one of those genetic throwbacks, I know, but how strange.

G is also talking much better lately. Still hard to understand, but he seems to have gotten over his resistance to trying the difficult sounds.

Ivy and her chubby belly. She’s like a juicy apple and you just want to eat her up.

Uncle had G up on his lap and was pretending to be a boat and telling him stories about sailing and pirates, and G was just imagining away, looking through the spy glass and sighting bad guys and listening enraptured.

My cat has decided to come out of hiding and has spent some time down stairs while the kids are actually awake. I had G feed her a piece of chicken and give her some non-violent attention. She’s been scared of him since he was about a year old, but he doesn’t pull tails or ears anymore.