Friday, June 12, 2009

6/12/09 The Day of the Mini Bookstore Retreat Morning

wrote a few words in my revision of my novel, despite having read the first page and feeling singularly unimpressed.

thinking that this Star Wars meets Jane Austen novel might actually be a love story… but not between people.

watching G grow up before my eyes and turn from a baby into a big boy.

G told his first knock knock joke, created all by himself.

that I can bake a mean roast chicken, despite my many years of being poultry shy. Not only did I meet the goal on my 40 before 40 list, but I kicked it’s chicken butt.

My morning reading and musing in the bookstore. it happens rarely nowadays. but it helped me get some brains wrapped around my novel.

new book and journal.

working on my Wreck This Journal. Slowly she is wrecked.

Thursday, June 11, 2009


Smashing mosquitos. Damn buzzing devilspawn.

Reading on the couch and not forcing myself to work work work.

Bagel w apricot jam and butter while doing the Sudoku.

Hugs with Cuddly Ivy.

Conversation with wiggly Gabriel.

S in a happy mood.

Another night of SYTYCD tonight.

Doing a Tyra photoshoot. find your light. novocain mouth. tension. smile with your eyes smile with your eyes. And having fun w black and white.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

6/9/09 The Day of the Margaritas and S's Pork Chops

Spending the day reading an book, instead of rushing to “be productive” and get things done. And doing it with satisfaction, instead of guilt or depression, or out of a need to hide. Just reading for enjoyment.

Comments from my blog readers on how touched they have been by my 100 in 100 creative challenge project and my paintings.

Yummy mango.

Making margaritas and relaxing before dinner while…

S cooks dinner all by himself. Pork chops in mushroom sauce. Was yummy, too.

New show on tv: The Mentalist. I like it. I like when a new show comes on to replace the ones that have been cancelled.