Thursday, October 29, 2009

October 28th The Day of Getting Things Done

Gabriel is finally able to say his own name. The sounds have always made it too hard. Gabriwo he says now. The closest he’s ever gotten.I didn’t realize it would be so tough to say or write when we picked it.

He also says he wants to write his name, although he’s such a perfectionist that he hates to do things he can’t do write and keeps giving up. But yesterday, I sat down with him and wrote out his name. I started on the G, but just asking him to copy the letter was too hard. Instead I showed him the proper way to hold the pencil and also we practiced drawing circles. In the end, he had success with a lowercase g instead of the uppercase G and managed a couple of wiggly “g”s. Then he said he wanted to try the A, because that was more fun, so we worked on a couple of “A”s also wiggly. Then he got tired, and that was fine, because he did a bunch, and I told him how many things he had learned in those few minutes, even if he hadn’t managed to write his name yet.

And Ivy peed in the potty TWICE. She usually sits on the potty and doesn’t pee. I should really step up the potty training, but I’ve been expecting to move for so long, that I keep putting it off for the move, and then the move keeps getting delayed so I could have done the potty training way back when. Well, maybe I should just do it anyway. I’ll probably end up with a girl who refuses diapers but has no control on a flight across country. Ah. but this is the happy pages so let’s just ignore that.

Getting things done yesterday. Remarkable how accomplished mopping the floor makes one feel.

The multivitamin is working. I have more energy although I still can’t wake up easily.

My creativity chapter is starting to take form. Yay for journals.