Saturday, September 13, 2008

Friday, September 12, 2008

9/12 The Day of A Kind of Renaissance.

Saw Hellboy II and it was great. Much better than #1. You forget that this is the same director who did Pan’s Labyrinth, and then you watch and you’re like, “oooooohhhh!” It’s good to see a movie you love. It doesn’t happen often.

Hugs from Ivy at bed time, she hangs on tight and pats. Nothing quite like it.

Ivy likes to be tucked in now. I tell her to get in her crib and get comfortable and I will tuck her in, so she lays down and squonches up until she’s happy and I put the blanket on her.

G is getting better at potty. No accidents today!

G discovered how to take photos with my digital camera and spent a half hour wandering the garden snapping away. Oh the big smile on his face.

We made birthday cards for the kids’ Uncle E. It was my new project with geometric construction paper scraps. I painted their papers with glue and they put the scraps down. I made something that looked like balloons or flowers. G made a car. He was very happy with his car. I bet he won’t want to give it to his uncle.

Dinner was yummy. Whole wheat pasta with shrimp, mushrooms and peas. I should write the recipe down, because it was good.

Painted a picture in my journal according to the Inspire Me Thursday prompt of “yellow.” Yellow is not my thing, but I thought I’d try, and I struggled for maybe two hours. Layering paint over paint to try to get the colors and the outlines right. I started out liking it, then moved into hating it, then went back to liking it, even loving it.

Reread my 9/11 Memorial post. It’s sad, but it feels significant.

I feel kind of like I am having a renaissance. Just a little. It’s been so long since I had my creativity flowing without stress. Even if I was writing, I have been unable to incorporate creativity elsewhere. Finally I feel like I am getting somewhere with being a mom. Finally I am getting some creative projects with the kids going. Before, I couldn’t even conceive of them, now I think of them, I collect supplies and I do it. Unheard of for the last four years.