Saturday, May 31, 2008

5/31 The Day of Girl Things

Went out with my future sister in law, one of her bridesmaids, and my mom to her bridal gown fitting. It was very nice. Girl things. Not mom things.

We also had lunch, and I had a HUGE margarita. Heehee.

I went to the bookstore and got a new journal. It’s the little things, really. And the margaritas.

The kids were happy to see me after I was out doing girl things.

5/29 The Day of I Don't Remember Much Before Work

Stopping after work at a pub with S. We had beer and jalapeno poppers which were yummy (even though I had an allergic reaction, probably to they type of oil they used to fry them.)

My boss sent me home, even though there were a dozen people hanging out with empty beer glasses an hour after closing. They were jamming on guitars with the woman who sang that night.

It was nice to have someone singing while I was working, and she was decent.

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

5/28 The Day of Decisions and Children Who Keep On Going No Matter What

Watching a special Wednesday version of So You Think You Can Dance. I just wish they wouldn’t waste our time on all the bad dancers when there are so many good ones to see.

Irrepressible G. Laughing. Running. Licking. Swordfighting. Milk Drinking. Yelling. Chasing. Dancing. Singing.

Good natured Ivy. She does whatever G does. Strutting around, exploring, enjoying, kissing, playing.

S and I had a difficult decision to make, one that had been weighing on my mind. It became clear to me that we should not go in that direction and once it was, I made it clear to him that this should not happen, and he agreed. I think it will be better in the long run, although S is frustrated, now. It was a big relief for me to make my own decision, and then to tell him about it.

I wrote again today, after missing yesterday. I’m three days behind, but it felt good to write. Also to edit. I liked slimming some paragraphs down, getting rid of the chaff.

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

5/27 The Day of There's No Such Thing as a Day Off, Mom

Ivy’s purple pants.

Ivy ran off into the other room, and I was trying to get her to come back to play with us, and I started singing a little “Come Back Ivy” song to the tune of “Goodnight Ladies.” G came running out and started dancing around for her, trying to get her to come back. He was marching around the room, so I started marching too, marching and singing, and we marched and sang so she would follow us and then we were all marching and singing and we got back to the living room and we spun around and laughed.

I found a nice juicy key lime that fell off the tree. Now all I need is some tequila.

Some ideas for improving my blog. My personal blog and the group blog I joined. I came up with a list of titles for the group blog. Things like, “If Mama Ain’t Happy, Ain’t Nobody Happy,” and “I Feel Pretty,” and “The Passion of the Mom.” I think I’m going to try to be a little lighter in the group blog. The place for the woman in the mommying. My personal blog is more about the place for the artist. I’m sure there will be some crossover, but maybe having two separate focuses it will help me have more to write about. The site is actually called and I had to think a little bit about what that means, domestic glamor.

5/27 Memorial Day

It was actually busy (sort of) at work, and I got to be productive and do my job and even make a little money.

Oh, and it’s not noble, but I was right when I told my boss that I wouldn’t need to be at work TWO HOURS EARLY. I finished set up somewhere between a half and hour and 45 minutes after getting there. I didn’t gloat, of course, I simply brought it up to the manager, and she totally agreed and got him to change when we have to come in for morning shifts.

S picked me up with the kids. It was nice to have him drive up and have them all meet me. Kids are always happy to see you.

After work we went to my moms house for some kiddie pool action, sangria and burgers. My brother and sister in law to be showed up for apple pie and we got to hang out a bit.

G saw the Crocodile Hunter on tv and spent some time in his deathroll on the floor, pretending to be a croc. It also got him to eat his dinner.

Got home, put the kids to bed and did not collapse in exhaustion, since I had been on the go from 9 am until 10pm. I brought my laptop to bed and did some rewriting. I don’t even know how much I did because I was too tired to log it in my book, but I do know it was more than I was expecting to do. And my notes from my first reading helped me in my rewrite.

Sunday, May 25, 2008


Sat with Uncle and S drinking wine and talking. One of the topics we talked about was 9/11. S and I were both there. Not “there” there, but close. We could see the towers. We both saw or heard the second plane flying. We both were there for the aftermath. We didn’t know each other then, but it is an experience that bonds people. Yesterday, we told Uncle some of our experiences. They aren’t happy memories, but it was a good thing to remember it all and share it.

After work, S and the kids picked me up and we went to a pub and had wings, and I had a couple of beers. We talked to some people with babies and kids. The kids ran around in the playground. They met a baby named Molly, and liked her so much that Ivy named her dolly Molly.

At work there was a little rush, and I proved myself good at what I do. Waiting tables is not a fancy career, but it takes skill and intelligence to do well. I can do it well. And the boss was there to see it.

Oh, and I almost forgot. I was accepted as a writer for a website. I will be writing for glamormom. I think it is but I’m not a hundred percent sure on the URL. It’s where being a woman and being a mom intersect. It is Womom. (Which actually to me sounds like the way the Ferenghi on Star Trek The Next Generation would say “Wo-man.” Which makes me laugh whenever I read that little blurb.) I won’t start making money right away, but hopefully I will as my readership picks up and they start putting ads on my stuff. I haven’t gotten all the information yet, so I’m not quite sure how it all works… but it’s still exciting. And it’s another step in being a professional writer. I will be very excited when I get my first check, even if it’s only for fifteen cents, because that will make me a professional. With very low rates. :)