Monday, August 10, 2009

The Day of Rearranging things

Some money came through unexpectedly without the hassle that was expected. yay.

How much kids love a package of 1.99 rubber snakes.

Thunder and lightning and dark swirling clouds.

Rain in summer.

rearranging the kids room.

Rearranging my room to facillitate packing/moving. It makes me feel like I’m taking steps.

Reading stories from inside the newly rearranged playhouse/camp tent/bed.

New magazines with lots of ideas for things I can do.

Good day in California.

(when I figure out how to reduce picture size on my new computer, maybe I can start posting photos again. where is the “thumbnail” file?)

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Jackie said...

I wanted to say thank you for the input on the bliss chick blog.It is nice to understand that fear is part of the process and doesnt mean we are NOT creative. I loved hearing this from you.