Sunday, June 14, 2009

6/14/09 The Day of Impromptu Birthday Party Planning

Mom coming for a short visit and playing with the cuckoo kids.

G and Ai having a blast, playing football, hide and seek, chase, just generally laughing ridiculously.

planning an impromptu birthday party for G on thursday, although his bday is net months (so we can celebrate with S before he goes to California) and finding martha stewart to be a great example.

Birthday menu: parmesan chicken fingers, french fries, greenbeans, juice, berry tarts, strawberry ice cream cones.
Birthday decor: balloons, birthday banner, pennants, wading pool, sparklers

G saying, “That’s exactly the ice cweam I’ve always wanted!” strawberry, in a sugar cone.

Ai agreeing and saying pink ice cream was necessary.

playing in my Wreck this Journal.

Finishing today’s painting and having the kids say it was wonderful

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Scarlet said...

Tearing a page out of book and throwing it away...almost as bad as burning it, right? I'm cutting lose with this journa. and having a blast with it. I love the colors of your page and the way your words flow. You know I'll be back, Chica!

PS - I want to laugh ridiculously again. Maybe tonight. :)